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Rafat 2008: Episode 2 "leaves"

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System of Government STORY?? surgical ward of the hospital in the Kanto area. To visit Shinichiro of colorectal disease are hospitalized, mistress and wife meet accidentally in the hospital!

"Life and death occur side by side in love" and "death" and "melancholy man" story. ?? CAST?? Kai HO, SHINOZAKI Yuki, nagumo law clinical-Furusawa Mitsunori, MIYAUCHI, y., Kyoko and two 木咲 child & Matsumoto, Yoshimasa muster Suwon?? STAFF?? screenplay and directed by: Yutaka Tsutsumi (Platinum papers), Rafat performances 9 percent Tsutsumi, y. rendition of Mr.. Recent major works "Bambino" series, "Rock musical BLEACH", "dials!

For more information, such as. And a rough system of Government? System of Government every year annual (1995-), choosing stuff centered on small theater actors in audition, staged by an outstanding writer and directing small theater world Festival performances 2008 Edition!