[Ultra rare, fetish-friendly] A ○ B48 of Idol girl "lip, mouth, tongue and teeth' up & spit brings video [ml1702kuti]

Product number: ml1702kuti
Series: 口腔 フェチ 変態 キス
Dealers: Cosplay Okinawa
ファイル: mp4
再生時間: 3分11秒

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Product Information

* Sample images are over, some Mosaic Mosaic works.

This is a Special Edition, a special request, taken.
Super popular "mouth" is taken, this young beauty idols,

Unlike the previous category pages, this is A ○ B48 of pretty women.

That Idol of the young woman's lips and mouth?

I think stark images but not so far.

Please enjoy it.
Again, different from usual route by Idol model I, looking for

Successfully managed to get shoot.
However, her circumstances are also makes the big-ticket items.

Please please.
This Idol of Belle mouth is increasing in

Me doing such and such a thing!

First, please see the sample video.

Think you'll find that it's pretty rare that she is headed.

Large open mouth.

I do have upper teeth white, whitening.

Real is also a bit of the bottom teeth yellowing.

And the alignment of the teeth is beautiful though.
And your mouth open wide, tongue out and Byron,

You can plainly see and turn the tongue to the back of your throat.

This beautiful girl's throat Chin this, is rare.

Chew lips. It is good.

To stop the video, will capture your heart.

Expands the paranoid variety.

Nice tongue in and out.

Your mouth is really beautiful.

It is best to put a smile on his lips.

It is another world of animation.

Even and smooth water.
At the end we will enjoy the idol of pretty lips, tongue, teeth

Is saliva drip.

More and more will just filled with saliva in the mouth.

We gradually foamy appearance is real.

The saliva and ooze from the lips.

Is in the picture look like it is.


We have thoroughly enjoyed.

I think in the mouth those unbearable images.
Duration: 3 minutes 11 seconds
Frame: 1920 x 1080
Size: 312 MB
Format: MP4

Audio: Yes
* Welcomes comments *
Have taken fetish images, in taking their own, comments, etc. Special fetish video shoot is on the consultation.

Please thank you.
-, Testimonials etc. videos budding encourage fictional stuff is.
-Taken by individuals for the return and claims, etc. are not meet.
-Shooting and sometimes contains noise while you are editing.
-Characters are over 18 years of age to confirm the permission, has taken.
-Any content that violates the terms and conditions, Japan domestic laws are not included. -Acts such as reproduction, resale, reproduction, transfer, secondary use, publishing all rights reserved.

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