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[Audio] opening four support Secretary of dialogue seminars


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Problems facing those States to practice from this opening four people support or just opened it's discussed, 'five themes like'.
Theme 1: practice, DLP's, 喰える's?
Theme 2: experience required to practice in?
Theme 3: How do sales forces?
[Theme 4] something that should tackle the opening year?

 [Theme 5: company Labor's industry from this bold prediction! In the atmosphere very relaxed, unlike the usual seminar focused bumped too without prior consultation of what to say to each other. So, are people inadvertently made a bold statement.

 Of course, would be helpful for you also, and will not be there. I noticed because it has excited too, what 1:48 also has elapsed.

 Therefore, also talked over the very wide. To introduce some of that was talked about in this interview seminar... the no experience is required! But you know this is just embarrassed the is personnel management's labor worker should do this!
And the differences with the consultants?
The HR consultant, lecturer, training? The cinch it sales personnel's labor is!
After opening the take off is not people who paid money to the pitfalls the Office Guide procedures work in business flow switching throughout the former pharmaceutical company sales ( MR ) feelings tell the surprising and often labor worker involvement in companies of positioning the double license-oriented? Unaware of who the "win one electronic application to ' the company labor worker to fully withdraw from the business procedures, the thorough verification!

 Bachelor of particular company Labor will make business? Dialogue seminar here actually practicing company labor worker talks about feelings I and almost no.

 Without a net, has finished in the very interesting content. But is what sense from this dialogue seminar is yours...