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Drill chocolate "quick-quenching"


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Product Information

Along with actors like Sakurai TOMOYA presided over "comes out in a small theater troupe MCR", work, directing and box-office is horsing around (!?) 
Performances 'quick quench' complete released "drill chocolate" production unit to the 7/2008 finally! Don't miss (^-^) V for more information communicated in various information, I'll be so! ☆ check out ⇒ next performances are [7/8/2009 (Wednesday)-12 (Sunday) @ Nakano last be taken] at rampage at the... seems to be staged déjà, ^ ^ anyway silly and hilarious. What Theatre is such fun!?

Fact laugh your not gonna lie get to says yeah, like myself laughing if you notice anyone shouty can maybe ( * ^ m ^ * ) 馬鹿笑い go with an open heart! My daily points upon "Nakano Fido be taken", lets go!

It is.
System STORY system Makoto I love azuki-Chan.
Azuki-Chan also love Makoto you, not help.
Animal has two ガッツンガッツン being with who love wandering are accumulating in the body undigested remains, in it while you walk.
Metabolic love emotion to a love goes to two people while wanted a stylish love,.

Despite of that, it looks cute love story.
And encircle the two people while the AHA and I think people who believe in and at the end of the love of two people linked to at the end of the world 疑ったり to 疑わなかったり the traffic accident was only in such meeting or parting talking down better and love feelings.

So the smell as stand alone between two people, cute love story. ----------☆ the-the "performances now next time I campaign"-the the-☆------------usually than price (tax included) ¥ 888 we is cheap!
The opportunity to come back (* ^ 0 ^ *) / > campaign has ended (8 / 21)