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Opera Xian Jin and Qing Princess stories 4 / 9


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Product Information

Created a new Opera based on travels from the old Wakayama prefectural Temple, Xian Zhen Qing Princess story.
Hear the live recording of premiere. ♪ mishina masago was offering accommodation monks story shop, daughter Qing Princess look young trained monk Xian Jin おちます in love with.
Kiyoshi Princess thoroughly chasing fleeing Xian Zhen, would 焼きつくして Xian Jin is Python, and finally across the Hidaka River, hiding dōjōji, Bell-per.
Xian Jin and Qing Princess stories from the old attracted the hearts of many people, is an important repertoire and traditional puppet theater, Noh and Kabuki. ♪ organisation soprano 2 and 1 tenor and baritone 1 ( over 独唱, choir, cello and piano the percussion section 4... Leave and from Xian Jin return always cling to the Qing Princess, said the makeshift lies.
( a trio: Xian Jin + Qing Princess +, storytellers ) ※ provides separate 58:56 full-length opera, nine sections.