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Choking face sitting 16

Product number: mdp-016
Series: 窒息顔騎
Director: 只野いすお
Star: 奈津美
Genre: Facesitting
Dealers: DeepInside[Smother Facesitting]

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1650JPY (Including tax)
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File List:mp4版(720*480)

TypeImage qualityReplay time
mp4 750kbps
34 minute, 3 seconds

Product Information

・ This version is a full-high definition movie taken directly from an AVCHD movie.
・ Face sitting scene using a male face as a chair with three fixed cameras.
・ There are no Nuki and Nuki scenes.
-It is a complete mania work that is not interesting at all for normal people.
・ Women are wearing masks for the time being.
・ There is almost no voice such as blaming.
・ MPEG4 format allows viewing on smartphones and tablets.

[Amateur face sitting model]
New face sitting model Natsumi-san.
He said that he liked the superiority felt by rubbing the female genitalia while sitting on the male face.
She said that she was the first to wear clothing in underwear, and she was a little nervous at first, but she was quite firmly sitting in the second half.

In the main part, there is no blur in the eyes.

● In addition, the profile of each face sitting model and the still image of the face sitting are released on the following site.

DeepInside [choking face sitting]

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