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Tomoko's fate


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Product Information

Tomoko afflicted with lust raged from wearing out. What caught her body. 'Golden liquid screw drivers". When Ito instructor NET Tomoko's body, using a kind of aphrodisiac. Added the gel liquid similar to honey, erogenous zones, 掬い取って swallow while rolling on the tip of the tongue... the incredible body of a young 16-year-old Tomoko decided as not indecent. Tomoko went home from the camp can't forget that golden gel gives pleasure. Tomoko will become prisoner of pleasure completely masturbate every day in an indecent obsession of the. Tomoko's younger body are heavily 火照り and scream of delight. Men 武者振りつく Tomoko's body, hands, and an axe and ripping inexorably from Tomoko autonomous clothes. Tomoko has would even love person 弄んだ his body in the delight of its withdrawal. Tomoko directly beneath the lightbulb to dazzling picture, grasping the nudes's brother, even pleasure. Forbidden... the thing was meaningless for Tomoko's right now. And then reunited with "he". Tomoko reflecting on the past, love history. And gnaws at the body of Tomoko, changes. Tomoko rocketship struggle destined to shame.... Tomoko long tab of its own destiny. ※ This product is an e-book fate of Tomoko ( DV Shobo old taro by takatsuka ) is one of the audio. ( egg shop ) companies: planning (C) Kyutaro Takatsuka