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A gift W Reed back photos from the JAGA's foot God Nanami & yuuna female school student uniforms + gymnastics wear + red bloomers + 1 foot


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One year and ○○ was just before Yuna-Chan.

Your skin and soles of the feet are very beautiful.

Had I never done foot care what dirty is." Are there youth?

Not himself says, is very erotic feet. And in another one, people love Greece-24 cm of Nanami-Chan.

Is big foot, Greece, feet soles point rage!

Himself is not particularly doing foot care was it was very clean soles.

To respond to the expectations of picky this time used a red bloomers! Bulma said it barefoot.

It is after all Bulma barefoot said. This is taken together with two people.

Yuna-Chan uniform, and Nanami-Chan bloomers.

Expands the various paranoid this time sports participants and visitors, Athletic Department staff and managers, and

絡metari feet and sticking sharp stuck with only "two people" in the shooting.

Differences, such as the length of the size of two feet and fingers, come and enjoy.

Number 175 image-image size 4608 × 3456

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