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Tomoko after-school


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Product Information

Slender and tall, delicate shoulders, slender white arms, long near shorthair is honest, beautiful Brunettes, students of grade 8 class chaired by Tomoko Suwon, good performers, and grew up. Such children had received punishment of school corridors wiping skinny-dipping, summer. Two classmates, Daisuke's classmates stare Tomoko nudes …. Not while also feeling humiliation and disgrace that must show yourself naked boy who has turned into a mass of libido and full of くるい to systemic, and Tomoko conceal the nudes from the gaze of the male students. Rigid body say …. Tomoko body react despite the heartbreaking feelings. Tomoko would soon is taking by the hands of the middle-aged teacher is a ringleader of penalty gave Shiraishi. ... Become prisoner of pleasure easily hard-bitten, such as the body of 14-year-old chit Shiraishi hands is of starkers. Flashbulbs voice of Tomoko to become increasingly bold. Imperceptibly Tomoko begin to lose resistance. Men one after another to Rob Tomoko, lust. Tomoko and degeneration intense pleasure through the body in sensual world cannot back gradually. Sensual urge hit puberty girl of violent and perverted stories. ※ This product's e-book "Tomoko after-school" ( DV Bookstore takatsuka old taro by ) is one of the audio. ( egg shop ) companies: planning (C) Kyutaro Takatsuka