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Country market magician-day winner who-Vol.23( Sawa atsuto Division )


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Are pioneers of this country and in the long term investment, and established the first investment trust company "independent" Japan Sawa said hot "secret"long-term investment"read 10 years ahead. Selling toward the bull room gokigen, surrounding the fear of falling market, buying frenzy swirling, investment way. Founded in 1996, production was started in 1999, "Dale bite Fund" is in the prospectus, "this Fund would be retained long-term investors priority ) may. So, buying in short-term retention purposes, please "and asserted independence series Fund. Well, is this Fund would next year, 10 years from production start, performance? What is selling? And what was being bought something anything and want to sell commercial investors in this decade, elaborate changes to the track record of valuing long-term operational funds? Investors to fund awareness to new tools and ETF, gaining popularity, extremely diversified and segmented features leverage has begun added ( traded funds )? The timing continues to challenge the stubborn Japanese investors ' funds and long-term investment thinking Sawa said that milestone 10 years myself, says secret of long-term investment, fund management, about the hot hot. Excited to know tastes, winter blues and love, dream and hope that long-term investment practices in here!