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Psychological skills to trick the mind of doctor Maya


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Product Information

Both love and business enhancing your feelings, to trick opponents feeling something if it doesn't work. 18 Bright book, Maya teacher sexy doctor grab people hugged, all become giddy good psychological techniques here! Dr. Maya is a psychiatrist and subordinate Mr. Yu "imaginary fears" and "sexy psychology e-zine". Number of 150000 people readers in Japan, has been named "Japan e-zine Award" in 2004. Enhance your feelings in this book, to trick the opponent's feelings, and have "answers". This technology has been gaining in as I studied medicine and psychology, and doctors. More students from the host and hostess and I, without exhaustive techniques have been involved and their various night work in writing. Read it, remember, only you grab people feel absolutely, all well hug should be around. ※ This product is a "psychological skills to trick the mind of doctor Maya" (Mayan written by Daiwa publication Dragon, sea 1,470 yen (incl. tax) ISBN:978-4-7593-0851-8 268 pages) is one of the audio. (C) 2005 Maya Yamato