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Sounds great I love the people. "I'm saying what from the ride? "It is. No, think right because Kimi? And people like that every day are worth while! I think and think more beautiful, lovely wanted to be, would have turned around like KARE and c. But after thought Yes or カラ回り, もらえなかったり catch against girls or shaken. So when "whether, would people like to get it", I also have to repent. Guys, good trouble you feel me lots of love, SEX and body trouble consultation through magazines, television and Internet ever received, it is not that. Not only love, nothing without problems from the start, well it's not. Attempts to learn how to rise up out effort while trial, bumped into a wall when dealing with law, or when I'm. So do I even walked past life while making many wounds,. Heartbreak and betrayal, spiritual being hit repeatedly, such as conflict and fail or your own ego came here. However, it's just a loser? Or is the taint of life? So I think I. From you know failure or defeat, who strongly even, and become smarter. Said many times in this book, "SEX nor love, nor life are all experiential learning is important" is. So I fail any also wanted to tell you, to everyone's troubles, not minus never somewhere, it goes for me plus all the. Title become "love wins", but I was going to say "I do win, not lose" by not desire this. Rather it's largest put that real won only the people I know losing hand getting this book theme. In this book, with many episodes or consultation from the experience so far for me and many people. Going instructed me and winning patterns in life and love. When present this book to become energetic "supplements" like everyone, I am happy. Street, see me, feel free to call it. When it is going to lend an ear to Kimi of course, c. Kato Taka ※ this product is 10/2006, "love wins" (Kato Taka by publication media, Kreis ISBN:978-4-7788-0332-2 178 1,260 yen (tax included) PG) is one of the audio. (C) MEDIA KREIS