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Dying Detective

Genre: Mystery
Dealers: Patrolling co., Ltd.

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8 minute, 10 seconds
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7 minute, 7 seconds
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11 minute, 59 seconds
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7 minute, 37 seconds

Product Information

Cooley Sumatra disease! Holmes is infected in the highly lethal pathogen. "So die at any moment, Watson customers"--say Mrs. Hudson visiting under the Watson, Holmes is seriously ill. Face flushed in the heat and waste away, spasms, breathing out hands out, see also cruel State homes. Watson asked Holmes to bring people to treat this disease. Name of the person's カルヴァトン Smith. A man to study bacteria with special knowledge. Holmes was because nominated the man...! Homes suffer in a dying State, his brain was something already noticed during the deranged! Narrator voice actor, Takeshi Sasaki, NIV, large, delivered brilliant expansion h. 保ゆう duo ホームズオーディオ book series vol.7 hear enough of!