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[2019.4.5] For monthly download non-compliant works
The works updated in April 2019 are currently not available for monthly downloads due to the change in DASH format delivery in November 2018.
Please wait for a while until downloading is possible.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

【2016.4.29】 Monthly download is available!
※ If you unsubscribe, the downloaded video can not be played back 30 days after the update date.
※ Please note that all videos are DRM-processed and can not be played on PCs other than registered users.
※ The movie file is streaming playback of Windows WMV (DRM), so it can not be viewed on Macintosh, ipad or smartphone.
※ It is recommended to watch the downloaded video with XCREAM Player.

Updated information of July 2019 ***
22nd (Mon)
APSV-0874 Knuckle G & Yuko (age private)
19th (Fri)
APSV-0873 Red Pirate & A-Tan (Age Private)
15th (Mon)
APSV-0872 M-FUCKER & Kitty (24 years old · OL)
12th (Fri)
APSV-0249 Big Daddy & Peach Chan (21-year-old student)
8th (Mon)
APSV-0871 DECORATOR & Kurarisu · Do · Kari Osutoro (20-year-old · fast food clerk)
5th (Fri)
APSV-0870 Minoru & Naples (24 years old, Saffle)
1st (Mon)
APSV-0869 Professional & Koniko (Age Private)

Updated information for June 2019 ***
28th (Fri)
APSV-0868 Red Pirate & A-Tan (Age Private)
24th (Mon)
APSV-0867 Airport & Mayumi (age private)
21st (Fri)
APSV-0866 King Cobra & Perona (age private / adultery)
17th (Mon)
APSV-0863 AWVM & Walnut (21-year-old general store clerk)
14th (Fri)
APSV-0865 hannah & mana (age private)
10th (Mon)
APSV-0864 Maru & Nanako (Age Private)
7th (Fri)
APSV-0862 AWVM & Bud (27-year-old parlor clerk)
3rd (Mon)
APSV-0861 Transformation Masked & Yui Mom (39-year-old Junior High School Teacher)

Title Amateur video Apple photo Museum monthly watch unlimited
Content ■ "Amateur Posted Video" is always unlimited for more than about 500 works at a fixed price of ¥ 1,280!
■ We can use any number of times for 30 days after the purchase (except replacement work)
■ Update is twice a week on Monday and Friday
■ The latest videos for single item sale will be registered as unlimited viewing after a certain period of time, so please enjoy them together.

※ Due to the nature of amateur posting work, please be aware that it may be deleted without notice due to unavoidable circumstances.
※ The work deleted from the list will not be able to play the file. please note that.
※ The movie file is streaming playback of Windows WMV (DRM), so it can not be viewed on Macintosh, ipad or smartphone.
※ You can play streaming only with XCREAM Web Player.
※ In addition, after withdrawal, you can not play or view the file.
※ Please refrain from next work up contents and deleted reup requests.

◆ Notes
・ The use is automatically updated continuously until the withdrawal procedure is performed. [Monthly fee will be charged every 30 days]
・ Withdrawal is always possible.
・ When you rejoin after the withdrawal, the first monthly fee will be charged.
Items 559 (You can see the accessible items from
Price 1280 JPY


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The merits of Monthly Subscription services
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