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Manishga Channel is a new channel that integrates Sugar Lips and Baby Sugar content
Reborn as Hiroinet Members Ch.!

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Title Hiroinet Members Ch.
Content Heroinet Members This is a monthly subscription channel for unlimited viewing of all contents!
The overwhelming content volume
More than 900 PDF photo books
More than 1100 videos
You can download and enjoy streaming
In addition, content updates will add content about 10 times a month.

Target products are a small part of all contents.
In addition to direct viewing from the target product, you can log in to the member area of the official site of Heroinet with the ID and pass described in the access right in the target product, and you can use both methods of viewing each content.
The content volume is the total of the number of target products and the number of contents in the member area.

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*DRM-equipped products can only be downloaded when the downloaded product is canceled, as described in "Features and explanations of monthly video" at the bottom of the page. Please be assured that there are almost no titles with DRM currently on this channel. In addition, we will issue the Heroinet Member Area membership at the beginning of every month, so even if you download the membership and the expiration date expires due to withdrawal, the access right within the month will not be lost.

◆ Sugar Lips
A popular site that mainly incorporates authentic gonzo shots of the original Brucella, and plenty of moeing elements such as tickling systems, maids, and anikos.
◆ Baby Sugar
Evolutionary site of the legendary Petit Club that swept Yahoo Auctions
◆Maniax Sugar
Fetish site specializing in athletes such as bloomers and school water
Items 862 (You can see the accessible items from here.here.)
First special price 3150 JPY * Only the first payment 3150JPY.It is the normal price in JPY 2100 from next time payment.


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The merits of Monthly Subscription services

The merits of Monthly Subscription services
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